14W 90cm



LED T8 tubes are a direct replacement of the fluorescent T8 tubes with the advantage of low power consumption and long Service life.  


Application area is very broad and includes most of the residential, commercial or industrial areas: halls, offices, warehouses, parkings and including public places like medical centers, schools, factories, shops, etc.  


Available in 60cm, 90cm, 120cm or 150cm.  


Up to 70% Energy Saving, compared to classical T8.

3 Year Warranty
50.000 Working Hours
Indoor Usage
IP20 rating
Acceptable Voltage Range between 200-265V
Mounting Surface Of Fitting Will Not Exceed 90Oc.  Suitable For Mounting On Flammable Surfaces
Color Rendering Index above 80
Working Temperature Range
Start Time from 0 to 100% Intensity
Available in 3000K
Available in 4000K
Available in 6000K
Power Factor
Guaranteed Number of On-Off Switches
CE Mark
ROHS Approved



Bar codeModelPower (W)Color Temperature (K)Light (lm)DimmableCoverNominal Voltage

As an alternative, one of the products below might beter suit your needs:

LED T8 Pro series 14W 90cm

ECO LED Panel 60x60cm, 45Watt



Service life is defined based on the following parameters:  

L80 LED brightness loss  

B10 breakdown rate