Our philosophy is to sell our LED products through a distribution channel spread around the world. In areas where we don’t have yet any distribution channel we can sell also directly to end users.



Our distribution partners– Sales agents and distributors


We work with the following types of partnership:
• Sales agents
• Regional distribution partners
• National distribution partners
• International distribution partners


What is a Qaledo Sales Agent


A Sales agent is a person or an organization that acts as an intermediary between us and a client (residential or non-residential). An agent doesn’t have a stock of the LED products, and works on commission. 
A Sales agent doesn’t need practically any capital in order to be able to exercise his role.
Since a Sales  Agent represents to certain extend our company, we do a qualification before we can accept somebody as an agent.



What is a Qaledo Distributor

A Qaledoo Distributor is an organization that is responsible to distribute the products of TEA-Energy within a geographic region or a specific industry. A distributor should own a local stock in order to be able to easily serve his clients. Given the higher level of commitment of the distributor, he buys our products at a preferential rate and has some extra advantages. The discount rate that a distributor gets depends on his involvement and volume of business.


Since a distributor represents our company in his designated region, a distributor must be qualified by us, to ensure that the customers buying our products have easy access to our products and get the adequate local presales and post-sales support.

We identify 3 types of distributors:
- Regional distributors: are organizations who will serve clients – generally end users – in the geographical area where the organization is located; eg: electricity shops, small wholesalers, interior lighting shops, specialized furniture shops, do yourself shops like Brico/ Build It ….
- National distributors: are organization who will serve clients in a wide geographical area. Those distributors sell all types of products at a high volume.
- International distributors: are organization who will serve wholesalers in different countries. They generally own a warehouse with a regular replenishment of our LED products.


Qaledo brand or own brand name


Our distributors can sell our products under the Qaledo name using the Qaledo packaging. However, larger distributors have their own brand and identity and would like to keep it also for products purchased from us. We can also package our products and label them with the identity of the distributor brand, provided that the volume justifies it.